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How Properly Maintenance Your Electric Lift Batteries

By Dan Carbone / May 9, 2022

Have you adequately maintained your electric scissor lift batteries? Scissor lifts need a lot of attention, and making sure you’re keeping up with this machinery is no easy task. So how do you properly ensure your scissor lift batteries? Keeping Your Batteries Moisturized Most scissor lifts come with wet cell batteries, and the batteries must…

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scissor lift batteries

Scissor Lift Batteries

By AboveAll / November 16, 2021

Scissor Lifts require a certain amount of batteries, and most of the time, it’s four batteries. But as of recently, there is a new scissor lift by JLG that requires only one battery. Since this is a new product, we are unsure how this will play out in the long run. Regardless, you won’t want…

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How to Keep Up with Your Scissor Lift Maintenance

By AboveAll / October 17, 2019

At Above All Equipment Sales, we sell new and reconditioned scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telehandlers from many popular brands. One of our most popular items are our scissor lifts. When it comes to purchasing your scissor lift, it is important to keep in mind the maintenance requires for your machine. Scissor Lift Maintenance Keeping…

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