The 1-3-5 Genie Warranty Explained

The 1-3-5 Genie Warranty Explained

Since 2010, Genie has offered an excellent warranty for their scissor lifts, telehandlers, and boom lifts. Above All Equipment honors this Warranty for all of our Genie products.

The 1-3-5 Warranty

As mentioned above, the Warranty covers all of their scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telehandlers that they sell on their website. The protection goes through around one-year bumper to bumper! It also protects all the significant components of the machine for three years while it covers five years on the hydraulics! The Warranty starts during the P.D.I. part of the process. To learn more about this fantastic Warranty, click here.

To obtain a copy of a specific Genie bulletin, you can request it by sending an email to and including your bulletin reference number. By sending your bulletin reference number to this email address, you will be able to receive a copy of the Genie bulletin you are seeking.

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