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Welcome to Above All Equipment, where excellence in quality, versatility, and affordability in equipment is our promise to you.

At Above All Equipment, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations by offering an outstanding selection of reconditioned and refurbished industrial machinery. Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality ensure that we restore equipment to its optimum power, performance, and reliability.

Trust in Above All Equipment for unparalleled excellence and reliability in the industrial machinery sector.

Keep reading below for more information on our recently acquired privately owned Skyjack 3226 scissor lifts. 

Skyjack 3226 Specs & Information 

The Skyjack 3226 scissor lifts are getting harder and harder to come by these days. We recommend buying one of these lifts before they’re all gone. We have three privately owned Skyjack 3226 scissor lifts for sale now. The scissor lifts come reconditioned with a 32 working height and 32 inches wide, meaning they can fit through most doors. Like all of our reconditioned scissor lifts, the Skyjack 3226s comes with new tires, batteries, paint, decals, a rebuilt motor, and much more. 

We Have Skyjack And More

Skyjack has been around for quite a while, which means they know how to build quality equipment that will get the job done right the first time. Above All Equipment Sales is proud to have some of the best used heavy equipment on the internet, and we look forward to serving all of your machinery needs.

Keep reading below to check out some great details regarding four privately owned Skyjack 3219s for sale now.

SkyJack 3219 Specs & Info

We recently acquired four privately owned Skyjack 3219s that are readily available right now for purchase. These reconditioned lifts come with a newly rebuilt 24-volt motor, new tires, batteries, chargers, a new paint job, and new decals. Click here for more information on these excellent Skyjack lifts.

Your Equipment Needs, Our Equipment Solutions

Above All Equipment Sales is proud to have some of the best used heavy equipment on the internet, and we look forward to serving all of your machinery needs. Skyjack has a well-rounded history of providing excellent equipment for your project needs. Contact us today for more information on these lifts and more.

Are you looking to purchase equipment for a significant business project? You’ve come to the right place, as we have a variety of boom lifts and telehandlers readily available for purchase now. Which option is better; privately owned or used? The answer will surprise you.

Why Buy Privately Owned?

When looking for equipment for a big work project, you will want to choose the best quality equipment that will last you longer. Privately owned equipment not only lasts longer but comes almost brand-new. Privately owned equipment will last longer as the machines will have lower work hours, better battery power, more engine strength, and much more.

Our Privately Owned Equipment Is Available Now

Right now, exclusively through our online store, you can purchase a large variety of privately owned boom lifts and telehandlers. We have two JCB 506 telehandlers for sale and a couple of Grandall boom lifts. We also have a few new 5519s coming around soon, so check back with our site for more information. 

Your Next Big Project; Our Equipment Solution

Above All Equipment Sales is proud to have some of the best used heavy equipment on the internet, and we look forward to serving all of your machinery needs. For more information regarding our privately owned equipment, click here.

We have a ton of excellent new and used equipment for sale right now, and we also get in new products each week and each month. This month we have a JLG 800S Boom Lift for sale, and here are some great details about this machine.

The Details

The JBL Boom Lift has an 86-foot working height and is privately owned, so it was well taken care of before we acquired the lift. The 800S lift comes ready for any job with low working hours and four-wheel drive diesel. The lift also comes equipped with a generator on top of the machine for plug-in capabilities.

We Have The Answers And More For This JBL 800S Boom Lift

This is a clean and well-oiled machine and is readily available now. Contact us today for more information on this equipment and pricing details.

We offer a wide variety of equipment for customers all around the country. We also sell nothing but the best products, which means having new and used Skyjack products. If you’re not too familiar with Skyjack, here is a quick rundown of their history and why you should purchase their equipment through us.

A Skyjack History

Since 1985, Skyjack has built a solid reputation for quality and reliability thanks to its products. They have become an industry leader by providing machines that combine durability, quality, and serviceability. Following its public listing in 1994, the company launched an innovative approach to boom lift products with exclusive drive and steering controls that detect direction. Today, Skyjack proudly provides companies and organizations with simple, reliable, and quality engineered equipment throughout the entire globe so they can maximize utilization and return investment.

Why Choose Skyjack?

Speaking directly from their professional website:

“Our customers need a responsive partner; they need to know that when they contact Skyjack, they will get quick and effective service. While processes are essential to Skyjack, they should be something that helps and does not hinder responsiveness.”

Their Product, Our Service

Being in business for nearly 40 years, Skyjack is your company to purchase your following equipment for any big project throughout your business. To access Skyjack’s equipment directly from our online inventory, click here. Click here to contact us today for more information on Skyjack.

If you’re in the market for a new or used scissor lift, you’ve come to the right place. A scissor lift is a significant investment, so you should do your homework and take your time when considering which one to purchase. We offer a wide variety of equipment for our customers across the continental United States. Should you buy the 19 ft lift or the 26 ft lift? Find out below.

The Difference Between The Two

The 19 ft scissor lift would get you a 25 ft working height when used throughout your facilities. On the other hand, the 26 ft scissor lift would give you a whopping 32 ft working size. The natural and ultimate difference between these two lifts would be the working height. The decision on the best for you all boils down to how big your projects will be in the long run. 

Benefits Of The 19 FT Scissor Lift

For those looking to get the 19-foot scissor lift, this scissor lift might be your best option if you are looking to get low-height big projects completed throughout the calendar year. We would recommend this option for those smaller business owners. With this scissor lift, you’ll be able to get 90% of your projects completed.

Benefits Of The 26 FT Scissor Lift

With the 26-foot scissor lift, you’ll get a much higher working height and be able to complete those more significant projects throughout your business. Most folks will opt out of this option as it usually is the best bet and bang for your buck. This scissor lift is also a wise option throughout our website database. There is not much of a price difference between the 26-foot scissor lift and the 19-foot. 

Your Choice, Our Online Marketplace

Whether you choose the 19-foot or the 26-foot scissor lift, we have them all conveniently located in our online store. You can shop from anywhere in the country and chat with us if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to browse our online database of new and used equipment today and reach out to us once you’re ready to purchase. 


Above All Equipment is thrilled to discuss with you today the specs and details of the Genie GS-3246. These incredible lifts are now available for purchase near you!

Some Quick Specs

The Genie GS-3246 lift comes equipped with a 32-foot platform, 46 inches in width and 8 feet long. The lifts also come with folding-down rails that will help decrease their overall size to help you move them in and out of your facility.

Where Can I Find More Information On The Genie GS-3246?

If you’re looking for more specifications on this lift, check out the video above or click here to access our specifications page!

Discover More Lifts Like This One!

At Above All Equipment, we take pride in offering a full range of aerial lifts and used machinery for sale, including scissor lifts from Genie and Skyjack. Our goal is to save you time and money! Click here to contact us today and learn more about what we offer!

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Above All Equipment is excited to discuss the specs and details surrounding the SkyJack 3226 scissor lift with you today! They are available now and come either brand new or reconditioned.

Some Quick Specs On The Equipment

This classic piece of equipment fits right through any conventional doorway. Most folks call this scissor lifts “26ft skinny” because of their ability to get into smaller spaces. The scissor lift comes equipped with fold-down rails and comes in at a 7 foot 7 inches height. But once those rails are folded down, the size drops to around 6 ft 4 inches. They weigh approximately 5,500 pounds but are worth every penny!

Where Can I Find More Specs And Info For This Scissor Lift?

For a more detailed and extended look at this fine piece of equipment, check out our equipment specs page by clicking here.

Learn More About Above All Equipment And Our Equipment

At Above All Equipment, we take pride in offering a full range of aerial lifts and used machinery for sale, including scissor lifts from Genie and Skyjack. Our goal is to save you time and money! Get in touch with us today by clicking here.

Above All Equipment has been in business since 2012, meaning we are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year! Check out the video above to see Foxy and hear about our ten-year journey. Keep reading below to celebrate with us!

Ten Years In The Making

A lot has changed over the last ten years for us and the world. We worked hard over the last decade, and we hope to go another ten years and keep providing the best deals around for equipment.

The First Purchase

Going back to 2012, we remember our first deal selling four Genie Z60s. From then on, we launched into selling and buying equipment from around the united states.

Where We Are Now Ten Years Later

We buy equipment, including skid steers, mini excavators, reach forklifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, and other used heavy machinery. We also work with manufacturers like Caterpillar, Genie, JCB, JLG, Skyjack, Gradall, and many others. We are proud to be providing service to our customers across the country.

Discover More About Above All Equipment And Our Next Ten Years

At Above All Equipment, we are constantly buying good used construction equipment! Click here to get the proper specifications for the equipment you are looking to purchase. To get in touch with us today, click here.