2016 Genie Z30 Electric Boom Lift for Sale by Above All Equipment

2016 Genie Z30 Electric Boom Lift for Sale by Above All Equipment

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Above All Equipment Sales brings to you the impressive 2016 Genie Z30 Electric Boom Lift, a versatile and efficient choice for various aerial tasks. Known for its advanced features and reliable performance, the Genie Z30 is a popular choice among professionals.

Key Features of the 2016 Genie Z30 Electric Boom Lift:

  • Low Operating Hours: With the lowest hour model around 300 hours and the highest around 700, these lifts have been maintained well for optimal performance.
  • Impressive Working Height: Offering a 30-foot lift, which translates to a 36-foot working height, it’s perfect for a wide range of heights.
  • Powerful Battery System: Equipped with eight 6-volt batteries forming a 48-volt system, these lifts come with new, high-quality batteries worth approximately $2,300.
  • Rotating Jib Feature: The RJ (Rotating Jib) feature allows 180-degree rotation, adding flexibility and precision to your work.
  • Priced at $21,950, including delivery to most places in the Midwest, the Genie Z30 Electric Boom Lift is an excellent investment for those seeking efficiency and reliability.

Why Choose the Genie Z30 from Above All Equipment Sales?

  • Advanced Technology: The Genie Z30 is designed with modern features that enhance its functionality and user-friendliness.
  • Nationwide Delivery: With locations in California, Texas, Ohio, and efficient delivery services, we can ship to 49 of the 50 states, ensuring you get your equipment wherever you are.
  • Trusted Quality: Above All Equipment Sales is known for providing high-quality, well-maintained equipment at competitive prices.

Visit Above All Equipment Sales to explore the 2016 Genie Z30 Electric Boom Lift and our wide range of other equipment. Our website features informative videos and detailed information to help you make the best decision for your needs.

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