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At Above All Equipment Sales, we continually aim to bring you top-notch, cost-efficient equipment that proves to be a game-changer for your business operations. Today, we spotlight our 2014 Genie GTH 1056 Telehandler – a powerhouse of versatility and dependability.

Standout features of our Genie GTH 1056 Telehandler include:

  • A substantial 10,000 lb. machine capacity and 56-foot maximum reach
  • Durable foam-filled tires for increased stability and longevity
  • An open cab equipped with a radio and fan for operator comfort
  • Standard carriage with 60-inch forks, that is, five feet in length

With just under 6,058 hours on the clock, this West Coast-originated unit remains in excellent condition. Much like vehicles, equipment ages better in the West Coast climate, giving this telehandler an additional edge.

The 2014 Genie GTH 1056 Telehandler is currently available at an attractive price of around $47,750. For detailed specifications, please visit our website at

With Above All Equipment Sales, you gain access to quality, value, and a trusted partner in your growth journey. Choose us today for an unbeatable equipment procurement experience.