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The Genie GS-2632: Specifications & Details

By Dan Carbone / July 19, 2022

Above All Equipment is excited to talk to you today about our Genie GS-2632s! These lifts are now readily available near you! Some Quick Specs This 26-foot skinny lift comes 32 inches wide and weighs around 4,700 pounds. These bad boys are much heavier than you think, so we will give you the weight before…

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Reconditioned Genie Runabouts

By AboveAll / August 7, 2020

As we always say, Above All Equipment Sales is your go-to for any and all of your affordable aerial lift needs! This week, we are talking about the Reconditioned Genie Runabouts that we always have in stock for you. Genie Runabouts These little guys are becoming more and more popular every year because they are…

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What Do Scissor Lifts Weigh?

By AboveAll / July 9, 2020

A common question we get a lot is how much do scissor lifts weigh- though the answer can vary depending on what type of scissor lift you are looking at, we wanted to give a quick overview from the most popular models. The most common reason people need to know the weight of a scissor…

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