How to Keep Up with Your Scissor Lift Maintenance

How to Keep Up with Your Scissor Lift Maintenance

At Above All Equipment Sales, we sell new and reconditioned scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telehandlers from many popular brands. One of our most popular items are our scissor lifts. When it comes to purchasing your scissor lift, it is important to keep in mind the maintenance requires for your machine.

Scissor Lift Maintenance

Keeping up with your scissor lift is overall very simple. You definitely want to read the owner’s manual so you can understand everything your individual scissor lift’s needs. But in general, these are a few key points in scissor lift maintenance:

Scissor Lift Batteries

Batteries are a key component of any scissor lift. They are not maintenance free; however, the upkeep is extremely easy. Make sure to add distilled water every two to four weeks. Again, make sure to check the manual as this maintenance doesn’t really vary by manufacturer, but it does vary by geographical location. For example, if you are working in a desert-like climate, then you’ll need to add water more often.

Replacing Your Scissor Lift Battery

Plan on getting a new battery every three years, but keep an eye on it as its life can vary depending on how much you use the lift. The batteries are four golf cart batteries, so six-volt batteries that you can buy anywhere, such as Costco.

Annual ANSI Safety Inspection for Scissor Lifts

Just like your car, you will have to get new tags for your scissor lift every year. The only difference is that the scissor lift must undergo the ANSI safety inspection and pass before you can get your tag.

Tire Maintenance for Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift tires are very durable and take a long time to need replacing; however, if you do hit a curb or anything like that, then they might need replacing sooner.

Overall, the maintenance for a scissor lift is very straightforward and simple to handle. If you have any questions on how to maintain your new or reconditioned scissor lift, contact us at Above All Equipment Sales today!

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