2021 Genie GS2632E For Sale

2021 Genie GS2632E For Sale

Above All Equipment, your go-to site for great deals on a wide range of new and used equipment in construction, maintenance, and installation, is bringing everyone an early holiday treat with this incredible offer.


We have just put 16 almost brand-new 2021 Genie GS-2632 E-Drive scissor lifts on sale. The stocks are readily available, and you can have them delivered to your location right away when you order from the Above All Equipment website.


Why buy the 2021 Genie GS-2632 E-Drive available from Above All Equipment? 


  • They are all low-hour machines. As stated above, the available stocks are barely used and almost brand-new equipment. The highest hour is only 12.8, while lowest hour is just 0.3 hours (or 20 minutes). Each of the machines also comes with the balance of the warranty.


  • No waiting; they are in stock. The 2021 Genie GS-2632 E-Drive is sought after by many for its versatility for indoor and outdoor use, easy-to-maneuver design, industry-leading performance, and reduced maintenance cost. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that you typically have to wait for stocks to be available. But because Above All Equipment has them in stock, you can have them delivered to you right away upon purchase.


  • Get big savings. The 2021 Genie GS-2632 E-Drive lifts available at Above All Equipment are like-brand-new but sold at nearly a 30% discount compared to new ones. You can get them for only $16,500, including delivery. Thus, you can get meaningful savings by buying any stock instead of brand-new equipment.


The 2021 Genie GS 2632 E and GS-1932 E have limited stocks available. So if you need one for your business, head to the Above All Equipment website and place your orders while supplies last.

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